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2Pac - Biggie - Kurt Cobain Rare Photo


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Never before seen photoshoot of Biggie, 2pac, and Kurt Cobain before MTV Music awards in 1993.

Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic has responded to whether a recent viral photo of Kurt Cobain in a car with Notorious BIG is real or fake.


The image in question was recently shared on Instagram by rapper A$AP Ferg, who wrote in a caption: “Hands down the best picture I ever seen in my life”. See that below.

2pac Biggie Kurt Cobain Tshirt

When asked by fans whether the photo was genuine, Novoselic responded jokingly on Twitter: “It’s real, but has been cropped. The person holding the pack of smokes is Tupac.”

It's real, but has been cropped. The person holding the pack of smokes is Tupac.

— Krist Novoselić (@KristNovoselic)


Novoselic was clearly kidding, with fans pointing out that the Photoshopped image combines two separate photos: one of Biggie in the front seat of a car and one of Cobain in the backseat alongside Pat Smear (not Tupac).

Kurt Cobain t-shirt

@andrew_omega @KristNovoselic This is the original, the hand with the smokes belongs to Pat Smear.


— Steve Brayne (@SteveBrayne1)



Last year saw Novoselic speak about how he believes Kurt Cobain‘s “cynical” manner would mean that he “wouldn’t hold his punches” when it came to appraising the music of today.

There is another photo of 2 pac and Kurt Cobain that is also floating around that is photoshoped. But what the hell, who cares. It's awesome.

Kurt Cobain and 2pac shirt
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